About Me

Hello everyone. I am Subhajit Roy, currently working as an Investment Banker in Mumbai. I am a B.Tech. graduate from National Institute of Technology, Agartala. I joined a PSU Bank as Probationary Officer in 2014 and shifted to Treasury in 2018. I know a thing or two about how Institutions deploy their funds in this ever-volatile market. I am a retail trader with an Institutional Edge.

I always feel, a trader tries out too many things to achieve that desired profit. Stock Market is not a complex thing, we humans are. Most simplistic things work in the favour of trader but we often tend to ignore them. As I interact with various institutional Dealers (Traders in Banking Parlance), I get to see that how simple yet nuance analysis can give someone regular consistent profits, be it an institution or an individual.

I am here to share few of my experiences to help Investors and traders develop a perfect rational view towards the ticker tape and trade with confidence. There is only one saying, which was relevant 100 years back and will be relevant for eternity, “Buy the strength, sell the weakness”. We will try to stick to that.

Through this blog, I will try to decipher various aspects of trading and investing. While doing this, I will try to present everything in a simple and lucid manner so that it caters from the novice to the pro.

Hope to find your feedback in my comment box.

or mail me at roy@equitycurve.co.in

Have a great trading and investing journey.